Interior Design & Home Staging

Open concept kitchen

Let’s create a language of connection and intimacy through the expression of your home.

We all belong to a place, and identifying with that is what I thrive upon. To find resonance and beauty in what you dwell in, is the soul of a healthy existence. I look to see what you love, enjoy, and would flourish in, so I can make gentle adjustments to your space to enhance the home that surrounds you.

Just like tending to a garden, somethings just need appreciation, and somethings to be cleared for growth. The process of transformation in your home will be deeply rewarding, and an ultimately beautiful portrayal of what encapsulates everything you love.

I work with a focus on what you have, and then what you may need. A slight shift of a piece of furniture, or light in a different corner could offer a very different feeling to your home; we can play around with this. The most important part is to find the spirit of what you love in your home; it will shine through and become a space you never want to leave.

I would be honoured to be apart of that process. And I would love to see you head over heels to be in your EUNOIA space!

Located in the charming town of Fairhaven in Bellingham, Washington.


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