Home Staging Services

Something magical happens when you fill an empty house with beautiful furnishings and ambient light - it transforms into a home.

Home staging offers subtle suggestions on how a house can come to life by highlighting it’s most compelling features, and yet still allows buyers to envision their own lives in the space so they can create emotional bonds that motivate the sale. 

Our ambition for every project is to create an inviting space which creates connection, that simply feels like home.

Home staging is the most effective way to make your Bellingham listing stand out above the rest and create an impactful first impression and in turn, increasing your home's market value and getting it SOLD fast!



Providing an individualized plan of action for occupied homes before staging


We will begin with a consultation to determine the most important areas of the home to be staged. Furniture may be adjusted to make rooms feel larger, architectural details will be highlighted, and clutter and personal items removed.

  • A comprehensive walk-through of the home will be performed to assess furniture, 
  • Comprehensive in-home consultation covers items that should be improved, repaired, and/or updated prior to putting your home on the market. From the inside to the outside, this "road map" will include (but not limited to) pre-packing, painting (color selections included), furniture placement, flow, clutter, lighting, color, accessories and any needed repairs. & exterior curb appeal recommendations.

  • This list is for home sellers who want to put in the sweat equity by completing minor projects that will enhance and maximize their return

  • A great tool for realtors who want to provide this service for their clients.

  • Cost of Investment: 




Empty homes do not show well. Statistics show that 90% of buyers cannot visualize how furniture will fit in an empty space. Staging helps potential buyers emotionally connect with a home as their OWN home. Staging a vacant home can elevate the home’s appeal and charm for pictures and showings.


    • Full staging option that includes an in-home consultation, designer inventory: furniture, lighting, accessories, art and greenery that will feature the home in the best possible light and configuration. Delivery & pick-up, as well as full set up and take down.

    • This option is for home owners who do not live in the home. 

    • Cost of Investment: $ square foot (recommended rooms include living, dining, master bedroom and bath).


    Many sellers already have beautiful furniture but simply need help rearranging and enhancing their current home set up. By making some adjustments and adding a few art and decor pieces, we will ensure that your home is properly displayed to wow any prospective buyers.

    • Cost of Investment: $ square foot (recommended rooms include living, dining, master bedroom and bath).


    Interior Design Services


    Interior Decor & Design:


    • Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bath, we will work with you to achieve your vision. This option encompasses furniture pieces, fabric selections, color themes, accessories and more that will capture your unique and overall aesthetic. Once everything is selected, we invite you to leave your home for the day while we come in and stage your space with all your chosen things! We love these days!

    • Working with a professional design consultant you will be able to create a space that reflects your own personal style, beautifully. Working with a professional prevents you from making costly mistakes and can help you to solve problems like small spaces or finding skilled tradespeople. Experience and expertise takes the worry out of your project.


    • Cost of Investment: Varies - please call us for a custom quote



    Each builder and developer is unique. We strive to address and accommodate each builder’s and developer’s needs while keeping the cost down.

    We recognize that some builders may need additional design assistance to finish off their projects. We're here to help you before, during, and after staging to ensure a beautiful and cohesive finished product.

    We Offer:

    • Custom home staging
    • Finishes selections 
    • Interior and exterior color consultation
    • Lighting design consultation
    • Curb appeal & landscaping consultation
    • Additional design services for the home buyers 




     Space Clearing


    A home alchemy of sorts. Transforming things for the better - in your own space repurposing all the disguised/overlooked treasures you may have, and creating a safe and loving space that is all your own.

    A unique service designed for residents whom desire a new positive outlook and feeling from ones current dwelling. Utilizing everything in the home that you love and cherish, and ridding of what you don’t - This service honors your space and lovingly helps to make it your own again. This is done by shifting the energy and home items so that it feels different and resonates closer to the person you are now so you can live the life you want!

    After extended years of time in our homes, it is very easy to lose the joie de vivre in our space, especially if we have experienced any of life’s major challenges like separation, loss, illness, or anything that would contribute to a lack of time and/or energy. These circumstances almost always can wind up leaving residual energy throughout our home. 

    Negative energies build up over time and must be dealt with. Homes that feel dull, heavy or tense should be cleansed. If you’ve been feeling more stressed, anxious, or ill-at-ease than usual, its time to clear your space. With this process, you can be certain all things in your life will feel improvement.

    Process includes but isn’t limited to:

    • In home consultation - understanding what areas feel stuck, what is most important to you to feel in your home, mindfully reassessing your belongings, setting intentions.
    • Planning a process for removal of unwanted items. Once items are removed, we highly advise the home is fully cleaned by a professional before continuing.
    • Creating a new design/floor plan that showcases these cherished items with a designated and purposeful place of its own.
    • A personally guided home cleansing to dispel stagnant negative energy. 
    • Rearrangement of belongings in your freshly cleansed space

    Cost of investment; Varies depending on size of home. Pre Consultation $200, and price varying after that.

    Sliding scale available for bereaved, single mothers, POC, disabled, 



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